chest to hold the food in


for multiple dogs

new food bowl 022

antique sofa table revamped


built for a client

food bowls 002

built for a client for her guest puppies that visit

food bowls 001

made for Ghost ( white Sheppard )

We are now creating feeding stations designed for the larger dogs, I have found that in the pet stores there are none. If you have small or medium dogs the world is your oyster but nothing really for the large breeds. It is very important that your dogs bowls are at the proper height for digestion and keeping the gas down ( farts ) when a dog’s head drops lower than their shoulders this  is what causes the gas and also for them to cough and spit out a few kibbles.y raising their heads to the proper height it allows your dog to use their bottom jaw as a shovel to scoop food in rather than throwing it into the back of their throats, which causes the cough. If you are interested in ordering a bowl of any size, height or as many bowls as you would like please send me an email if you have a piece of furniture that you want us to make into a bowl we can do that too. We can also personalize it in any way you see fit.  None of the bowls are over $100 and start as low as $40 depending on size price goes up. Please send us an email if your interested. 581119_10150908039550969_212085000_n