As long as I’ve had pets, I’ve intended to put together a little box of first aid supplies for travelling with my dogs, I had one for home but never in the car.  That’s 20 plus years of good intentions.  But like so many things, I procrastinated, didn’t bother to get it together, didn’t want to ‘test fate’ by actually having a first aid kit on hand, kept forgetting, and all those crappy excuses.

And just two weeks ago, I learned exactly why I should have taken care of this a long time ago. Well no more excuses! I am sure like many of you,  you also have intended to do the same, so I have now made it easy for you! I have built Doggy first aid kits! rrruffhouse is now offering them to you, all you have to do is order one and we will send it to you along with instructions .

Do you go for long walks in the middle of no where with your dog? What if your far from home and your vehicle and something happens? What if while walking along the beach your dog cuts open his pad and is bleeding? How do you stop it? What if they get something in their eye while walking in the forest?  Have you ever seen a dog owner on your travels in distress with a dog that got hurt simply playing? These and many other reasons are why you need one in your car. We offer a travel kit to take with you on your walks, better to be safe than sorry! I can’t tell you how many times I wished I had one. Well now I do, and so can you!

Here is how to get yours, send me an email on my website or simply request one in the dog talk section, that’s it! Simple!  It Costs $55.00 no tax! If I have to ship it then a shipping fee will be required. ( prices for shipping will vary depending on location )