new ball 026If you see the video blog I posted just before this one you will see that today was a bright and sunny day and we played outside a lot today, all the dogs and the day care dogs as well. I went to the tack shop to pick up two new green Jolly balls ( they were on sale ) and brought them home and threw them in the yard, well that was the best thing ever according to all the dogs because they were jumping and barking and having the best time ever! Not bad for $30. Small price to pay to bring some happiness to the play yard. After about two hours or so the dogs were getting tired and the newness of the balls was coming to an end and we all wanted in to get warmed up, so in we came. The dogs like usual came in to lay on the floor in the sun where it was streaming in through the window and others ( Junior ) went to find a heat vent to warm up. Puppet new to this routine was lost and wasn’t quite sure where her warm spot was, she tried to lay with Junior, nope that wasn’t it, tried to get a piece of the floor with the sun, nope that wasn’t it either? After about ten minutes of trying to get warm and find a place to cuddle she found the warmest seat in the house! Thanks Myloe!Your the bestest big brother.