So we have all had bad days and we have all had some thoughts that are not for public consumption, I love when clients send me texts in these moments and share the real them! I share this funny text with you all so you know your not alone, and the silly and crazy thoughts your thinking are not wrong! We all have these moments specially in these stressful covid times so enjoy my clients bad day like I did, hope it makes you laugh as hard as it made me! ( she knows I’m sharing her story anonymously) here is her text to me tonight……enjoy.

This little darling was doing amazing outside. A chipmunk was running around the yard and she was chasing it like a crazy Sacagawea and she stopped at the flags and watched it run into the woods.
That’s when it all went to hell–
After dinner the little asshole went out the front door when the human assholes stood there with the door open yelling at each other to “go”. So dog asshole took it upon herself to fly out the door and run two doors down and climb up on their deck to watch tv and look at their brand new baby.
I called her nicely, told her to come home, threatened her with the glue factory and promised to send her to the pound.
She just stared at me like I was the asshole and continued to watch North Woods Law on the neighbours tv until I dragged my fat ass up the hill in their backyard and leashed the little shit.
Needless to say she had a timeout in her cage and hasn’t left my side when we are in the yard since lol…….
I might be crazy but I am seriously considering picking up a new doggy on Saturday. She has some health concerns that will require surgery in a year or so to fix so that is what is holding me back. She’s just so cute and squishy. I just think my dog might not appreciate sharing her time/stuff with another doggy. She’s kind of a needy princess.
I’m 95% certain I will talk myself out of it by noon tomorrow.

And….. if ever you need to laugh (at my crazy insane sometimes miserable life) send a text. I will gladly share about the shit hole I’m living that day.

Hope you are having an amazing day!!