They’re here!!!  rrruffhouse now has Gift Certificates just in time for Christmas gift giving.
For the person who has everything-except a well-behaved dog!


There are always lots of new puppies and owners during the holiday season, so let’s start them off on the right paw!  These gift certificates can be used for training, boarding, or even boot camp.  Any dog, any age, can be trained.  New dog owners may also need a bit of training.  Let’s stop any bad behaviors before they even start.  Training is a great way to bond with your dog and build a lasting loyalty between you and your pet.

We are excited to offer these gift certificates for the first time ever and look forward to adding great new friends to the rrruffhouse family!

To order a gift certificate, all you need to do is send me an email with your information-such as name of the person you are buying it for, the amount and the puppy’s name!  That’s it, easy as pie!  Once I have the email and payment has been made, I will either mail you the gift certificate or I will personally deliver it to you.  The gift certificate is valid for one full year-so no pressure there.  We offer many ways for you to use your gift certificate here at rrruffhouse.