What can I say?

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2014 has been an amazing year both personally and for business, this year our company has grown from a little seed into a mighty oak, we moved to the country to open a rehabilitation center on 5 acres to better serve you our clients, we dove head first into rescue and have had many successful adoptions this year into great forever homes. We have rehabilitated many dogs and by doing so saved their lives, bringing people together with their dogs so they do not have to give them up or put them down is my greatest reward in life. We love the new home and the dogs are happier than they have ever been plenty of new things and tons of room to run around. I would like to take a minute to thank those who have helped me along the way in many different ways.

Marijo from Dtour creative, thank you for all your moral support and for being a great web designer and my friend. Bryan who always supported me and was able to make me smile. Stephanie from Fur balls choice thanks for helping us with rescues and fund raising, you are an amazing young woman and can’t wait to see you soar 2015. Chris Tumon from Moira vets for all your help with our rescues and helping these dogs when needed. Sherry our volunteer your constant love and support means the world to me and all the dogs. Sabrina our newest staff member who does all the daily chores around here making sure the dogs want for nothing. Andrea who helped raise the Dane pups from just 12 hours old, your time and support is and was priceless. Nadia from Foxboro vets for doing health checks on the Dane puppies when they were just born to relieve my stress. All who came and fed the bottle fed puppies who allowed me five minutes to think, my wonderful husband and son who make this all possible, my husband who never complains about my work and crazy life but is always willing to lend a hand and dig right in. I would like to personally thank all the families that came in and adopted all our rescues, thanks for giving them a chance at a new life.

If I have forgotten anyone please forgive me, it has been a busy hectic year and most of it was a blur, looking forward to 2015 and all the surprises it will bring. Thank you to all my current and past clients and looking forward to meeting new ones, I love you all and love my job. 2015 will be bigger and better; with all our new services I am sure we will be able to help more deserving families and their dogs!