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Well I don’t know where to start, we started boot camp ten days ago with a very unbalanced Abby Rose. I have to tell you what a good news, bad news situation this was for me, Abby is just over 5 months old and I can honestly say that I haven’t in a very long time seen a dog with this many issues at such a young age. Good news was she is so young that she is very workable, bad news was it was going to take a lot of specialized work. I am so very proud to say that all our hard work as paid off, Abby is now a very charming, fun-loving, happy, balanced dog who no longer barks her head off, but more importantly does not bite any more. Abby would bite her owners at every turn, move her from a spot, bite. Clip her nails, bite. Tell her to come, pee than bite. Abby now lets us do anything to her and does not even attempt to bite anymore. Abby still pee’s a little bit when she is excited to see us but this will subside as she gets older. I have to say Abby has taken a lot of work but the rewards, well lets just say we will miss her cute little face when she is gone. Abby who once didn’t like to be in our pack of dogs, now never want to leave them. She has plenty of new friends that will surely miss her energy when she goes home tomorrow.