Well it’s been an adventuress week with our Hungarian sheep dog bootcamp kid! Tucker is so much better at listening and always comes when called now from our yard when we call, as small of a thing that sounds it was probably one of my more difficult accomplishments this week! I swore the first four days he didn’t know his name, then I thought maybe he just didn’t care to hear his name which I now know to be true! Tucker was not going to hear his name for no one, I think he figured if he came when called the fun was going to stop which he was going to have no part of! He now knows that when he comes the fun continues, but if he chooses to ignore his name and make us go get him is actually when the fun stops because then he is put in a time out to watch all the other dogs play with out him! So far this tactic is appearing to work! Time will tell when he goes home if he turns his ears off again, hopefully not! I can say he has tested my patience, commitment but mostly my willingness to just simply not give up! I thank Tucker for the test he put me through this week because it just proves that with a ” stick to it ” attitude and lots of time and even more patience we can accomplish anything and again tells me that I really am doing what I am supposed to do in life! Thank you Tucker for the challenge but the final score is, Grace 1 – Tucker 0 !!!!