Well after yesterdays question of : why does my neutered dog hump? I got flooded with, why does my female dog hump even when she is fixed? Well this is my thought on the whole subject and I hope it answers all the humping questions. If not ask me another and I will answer the next one too.


My experience with “mounting” behavior in either sex has to do with high arousal levels – meaning that they are in a state that produces brain chemistry of high intense behavior that can easily be tipped over to aggressive displays. Usually a “displacement” behavior or poor social skills. You see it a lot in doggy daycare or at dog parks. In a doggy daycare situation usually the “victim” is a familiar dog that usually allows the behavior but does passive escape avoidance behaviors – if done to the wrong individual ( my Junior ) it usually triggers an aggressive response. Less commonly is it related to sexual tendencies though not ruled out.

To stop: immediately cue “enough” and  you can safely physically pull her off making her disengage – or call her to you and reward the recall. Note if your dog does this to selected dogs or any dog.

It could be a development of poor social skills, this is where you will find you need training, not just any training but specifically behavioral training. This is one of the things I offer and get plenty of calls about, it is not a quick fix behavior but it is easily fixed with the right tools and commands. If you or anyone you know is having these problems at home or in public ( doggy daycare, dog park ) please do not hesitate to call or email me, this is what I do and I can help you rather than you feeling like you have a bad dog or being embarrassed in public. Although this is not polite it is normal in dogs, we do not have to accept the behavior but we do need to fix it. 

I hope this has answered most if not all the humping questions you may have, good luck with your dogs and I am here if you need me.