We at rrruffhouse would like to help you have a safe
and  happy holiday with your furry family members.
With all the commotion of the holiday lights, sounds and people coming in with food, presents, small children or even their own pets it’s a good idea to keep your dog safe and  away from the door, put them to their own spot,  ( their own bed for 20 minutes, until completely settled)  this is where you can practice the No eye contact, No talking, No touching!  This will allow your dog to calm down quicker and allow your company to get in and settled.

Dogs must remain safe at all times. 

If you cannot control your dog on your own, enlist help.



If you have no one to help you, keep your dog in another room or kennel  until he/she settles.

Never leave children unattended on the floor 
when there is a dog around running loose. 
Children can be a source of excitement for dogs and make all sorts of sounds your dog may not be used to.  Play can go from fun to dangerous in a heartbeat.


1.  Holiday tinsel and ornaments 

Tinsel, while not toxic is dangerous to pets.  Once consumed it can cause serious injury to your pet if not caught in time.  Ingestion can actually be fatal and it can twist and bunch in the intestines.  Seek veterinary help immediately.

2. Holiday lights and candles

Do you have a pet who likes to chew?  Lights and cords can cause tongue lacerations and possible death. Your pet could be electrocuted!    Check cords and lights regularly to ensure safety.

Candles should be placed in hard to reach spots.  They can cause burning for pets and a fire hazard for you.

3. Gift wrap and ribbon

As tempted as you may be to fashion a collar of ribbon for your pet, this  is not a wise idea, your dog could  chew and swallow his or her new collar, this can lead to choking as well as intestinal problems, if this should occur please call a  veterinarian  immediately. It is best to dispose of discarded ribbon and paper immediately following use. Pet stores sell proper holiday collars for your furry friends that are safe and festive for this holiday season.