Sunday morning 011

Well it’s a bright and early Sunday morning here at Rrruffhouse, by 8am we had a full house, 12 dogs and with the time change for me it was really by 7am we had 12 dogs. So far we have all gone out to play, pee and figure out who was going to be play ground captain for the day, Junior won the coin toss ( like there was any guess there! ) we have since come in, made four feeding stations because everyone is eating different food this morning. Now all the dogs have been fed back out to pee again and finally now in for a rest, I can actually sit and have my breakfast. Everyone is either napping on a bed or playing at the front door on the mat,  seems to be the gathering place when all the dogs are in. So now that I have five minutes to myself I am going to finish my cup of tea and try to sneak into the shower, fingers crossed when I get out of the shower peace and quiet will prevail.