You’d like to think there has been enough written about this subject, to make it unnecessary to see more written about it. It turns out that no matter how much is written, people still aren’t listening. So, here’s another one.

1) Limit your dog walking to early morning, and late evening. If you live in parts of the country where it’s even humid at those times, reduce exercise intensity, and length of time out.

2) Carry water with you, and give your dog a small amount, frequently. Special care must be taken if you have an overweight or senior dog, or a flat faced breed.

3) If your dog spends some time in the back yard, keep him in a shady area, leave ice cubes in a bowl to keep the water cool, and set up a kiddie pool so he can take a dunk if he wants. Cover the pool, or dump the water when not in use, as standing water is a breeding ground for mosquitoes in humid weather.

4) Have the air conditioning on when your dog is in the house, or a fan kept at a safe distance. Can you protect against power outages? If you do hear of a power failure in your area, get home immediately to check on your dog.

5) You probably notice dogs prefer lying on the tile floor, rather than in their own beds in hot weather. There are special beds designed to stay cool, which may be a good alternative to the hard floor, especially if you have a senior or disabled dog.

6) If you’re on a road trip with the dog, bring supplies in case you break down. Some towels, water, a battery operated fan and a cooler full of ice could be life saving. Don’t forget snacks for both of you!

7) Never, ever, ever, leave your dog in the car. Open windows don’t help – the interior is still an oven, and there is no such thing as running into a shop for just a minute. It’s safer to leave your dog at home.

8) How about a swim with the dog? Just make sure he knows how!

9) Keep your dog’s water bowl filled with clean, cool water at all times. Of course this practice should not be limited to when it’s hot outside.

10) While fur protects your dog’s skin from sunburn, it can also trap the heat. Totally shaving your dog can leave him susceptible to burning, so why not have him clipped very short instead?

11) If your dog does get overheated, don’t react by putting him in a freezing cold bath. It will do more damage. Cool him down gradually with damp towels, and small sips of water. When he seems to be feeling better, take him to the vet right away.