Here is some answers to some of my most common questions!

1. My dog has green gunk in his eyes, what can I use?
Answer: you can use polysporin eye drops or visine allergy eye drops.

2. My dog has hives, what can I use?
Answer: you can use Benadryl allergy pills 25 mg for example if your dog weighs 90 lbs you can use 75mg so three pills every 6 hours.

3. My dog gets car sick, what can I use?
Answer: children’s gravol ask your vet how much to give your dog according to weight.

4. My dog has eaten something he should not have what do I do?
Answer: as long as you know what they have eaten and its ok to induce vomiting use peroxide, the one you buy at the dollar store.

5. My dogs pads are cracking from the cold and ice and salt from the roads, what can I do?
Answer: you can buy your dog boots, mukluks are a great brand or you can buy pad wax also a great product.

If you choose to use any of the suggestions from the above list always check with your vet prior to giving your dog any medicines as not all dogs react the same. I have personally used all of them on one or more of my dogs and had no adverse reactions. Please always consult a vet.