With Christmas fast approaching, the area Santa Claus parades are starting. If you decide you want to take your dog to the parade with you, please be aware of sights and sounds which may be startling to your dog. People are in costumes and often are walking among the onlookers. Little elves also throw candies into the crowd and if your dog picks one up it has the potential to be harmful to him/her. There is also plenty of noise. Children are excited, sirens will be going off, bands will be playing and there is usually at least one horse drawn wagon. Please keep this in mind to make your night a pleasurable experience for your whole family.
Because the parade is at night that again poses a different kind of threat to your dog. PLEASE… do not use a retractable leash at the parade. As you are watching the sights, sounds and your children your dog could be 20 ft away from you on a retractable leash therefore while you are enjoying the festivities, your dog is being crushed by a fire truck, car, horse or one of the many obstacles presented at the parade.
This time of year also poses its own set of problems with the colder weather. When you are out shopping we at rrruffhouse.com suggest you leave your dog at home. We realize that your dog loves to go with you, but please consider what is best for your pet. As the days get colder your dog will also feel this and may not be capable of adjusting its own body temperature accordingly. You may wish to rectify this by keeping your car running. While this may seem like a good idea, if you have a dog that jumps around the car while you are gone, there is the potential that your dog could put your car into gear. We also know how easy it is for 10 minutes to turn into an hour –you hit a sale, meet a friend, etc.
If your dog likes to go for car rides, take him for a drive with you to see the Christmas lights. He will enjoy this much more as he is actually spending the time with you.