Sorry, nothing really funny happened today! So rather than chat about nothing I thought I would give you a recipe for home-made dog cookies! So here it is!!


1 cup honey

1 cup peanut butter

1 tbsp olive oil

enough flour of your choice to bring it together to be able to roll out and cut into shapes of your choice

If you want to change the flavor the recipe stays the same just substitute peanut butter for something else eg: pumpkin, sweet potato, banana, carrot etc….. possibilities can be endless, try combining flavors if you like, it’s up to you, let your mind run wild!

bake on a cookie sheet at 250 for about two hours, ovens may differ so keep an eye out! cookies are done when they are dried out and have a snap, place in a zip lock bag and keep in fridge for several months!


Well that’s it! easy peasy! enjoy and have fun making them!!