If the phrase break a leg is good luck, it has to make me wonder what kind of luck the person is having that breaking a leg is an improvement! I know your thinking ” what does any of this have to do with dogs?” well nothing really, but in a beat around the bush kinda way it does. I realize that when I have time on my hands, which I almost never do, so when I do I seem to fill my head with non sensible kind of thoughts, really stupid thoughts actually. I also got to thinking that since I have so little spare time is this really the most productive way to spend it? The answer seems to be YES! I will tell you why. Yesterday ” where I found myself with this spare time to think ”  I was sitting in the emergency room of our fine local hospital ( insert sarcasm here ) with a very painful broken ring finger, and as I do I started to lose patients and find myself board, I can’t seem to sit still long, but also I have discovered I am kind of nosy!  I started to look around and listen to what others were saying, and that’s when the random thoughts ( of my own ) started. The first one was ” who started the good luck saying …. break a leg?” From where I’m sitting with a broken finger I fail to see the good fortune in my pain, I can’t imagine how a broken leg must feel? Also you seem to hear this phrase just before the person goes on stage, how in the hell is it good luck if they break their leg and can’t perform? Then it occurred to me……. Aha!! that must be where the next phrase comes from, The show must go on!!!!!

Now I have been in the emergency room a grand total of about fifteen minutes! OMG…….. If it’s only been 15 minutes, I am gonna lose my mind if it takes longer than this!! ( you know damn well it’s gonna take longer than this ) Okay so I change-up my strategy for coping, I am going to walk around and find a pop machine, how can this go wrong? I find myself down a hall way, and at the end I see a sign ” COCA COLA” its a vending machine, that I can handle! So I stand in front of the machine and as I am looking through my wallet for some money, I hear a man talking and of course you know me, I was trying to listen and this is what I heard ” Well MR. ( insert name ) lucky for you it’s a good clean break!”  WHAT?????????  So I get my pop and hurry myself back to the waiting room and sit in my chair and start the, ” OMG, OMG, O M G !!!!!! ”  What does that mean?? A good clean break?? Again as I am still sitting with an extremely painful broken finger I fail to see how this can possibly be ” Good!! ”  and from the purple and green bruising I can see, never mind the swelling, how can this be ” Clean!! ”

Okay Grace, take a deep breath and calm down!! you’re going to be fine! Oh I hear my name!! so In I go, to be told by my doctor ” your finger is broken in three places ” the good news is ” you wont need surgery like we thought!” Oh thank God, then he said ” Lucky for you it’s a good clean break!”  Bah hahahahahahahahah He fixed my finger right up and said to make an appointment in three weeks to have it re-x-rayed and we will reassess then! Out I went and on with the rest of my day! Even as I type this, again with a very swollen, purple and painful finger I still fail to under stand what is ” good ” or ” lucky ” about breaking any body part! Which lead me to my last and final thought, the old saying ” If you didn’t have bad luck, you would have no luck at all ” I’m good thanks, if this is lucky, please make me the unluckiest girl in the world!!!!!!!

Who made up these ridiculous sayings??????