In the past 48 hours I have had some news that has  me confused. I can’t for the life of me figure out why humans do the things they do? Probably why I work with dogs, they are much simpler and easy to understand.

Here is my dilemma, people give up dogs either to me or shelters because the dog is either to much for them to handle,  or they simply chose the wrong breed,  or worse find out that they don’t have the time to spend with the dog to accomplish what the dog needs. This I do understand. I don’t like the reasoning, but I understand. Think before you purchase them, take in account your life style, availability, and finances.

So then WHY do these same people a few weeks later, or a few months later then go and get another dog? If you didn’t have time for the first one or couldn’t afford to train it, spay or neuter it, or have the space for it, then why do you get another one if you haven’t changed anything?  You still can’t afford it, or worse you  got a more difficult breed than the one you gave away? When I asked why did you get another dog the answer I get freaks me out! Because it was cute and needed a home!!!!!!! So you selfishly took away the opportunity for this dog to find a permanent loving home where it would get everything that it needs from training, medical needs, room to run. You know as well as I do in a few short weeks or months your going to be right back in the situation that you were in before and give up yet another dog, only now that this dog is older it’s going to make placing it in a good home that much harder!

The definition of crazy to me is, doing an activity over and over, change nothing, but expect a better result!  CRAZY

This drives me nuts, the irresponsible people who get these dogs and are not willing to do what ever it takes to keep them safe, healthy and happy for the entirety of the dogs life, should stop getting them! You make mine and others jobs much harder than need be. Animals are a commitment! A huge commitment!!

Annual Costs to Care for a Dog

First Year              Each Subsequent Year
Food and treats                               $1200            $1200
Inoculations                                      $300              $150
Worming                                             $ 160             $160
Spaying or neutering                       $300 – $1000 depending on size of dog
Flea/tick/heart worm prevention      $160     $160
Licensing                                               $45        $45
Accessories and toys                        $150   or more  and every year
Grooming                                               $75-400      $ 75-400
Training                                                  $300-500     depends on how well you did the first time training is a life long commitment
TOTAL                                                  $ 4015               $ 2715

These numbers  do not show, health issues, corrective surgery, accidents, etc….. dogs are not cheap!!! There is no such thing as a free dog! If you don’t feel that you can afford this, then don’t get a dog. Dogs like our children deserve to be in homes that can provide at the minimum,  the basics, these numbers are the basics!

Please people think long and hard about owning an animal, our shelters are full, foster homes are full, SPCA is full, most dogs and cats that get dumped in these shelters get put down far more times then they get adopted. Especially if we as humans failed them. If your dog is a large breed, untrained, bad mannered, hyper etc. these dogs are usually the ones to be put down first!! They are considered the UNDESIRABLES !! These dogs never asked to be put here, or have bad owners, they are the innocent victims of our selfish ways!!!! Please, please, I beg you to STOP!!!