Knowing how to dispense treats is a critical component of dog training. You will have to precisely blend of timing with verifying correct behavior is fully displayed and knowing what to give as treats.

As Positive Reinforcement

  • Give your dog treats when he displays the behavior that you expect of him, whether that is sitting on cue or obeying the “stay” command.

As a Distraction

  • Give your dog treats to entice him away from bad behavior such as chewing the wrong items. This teaches him to put down such things when you ask him nicely with a treat in your ha


  • It is crucial to give the treats immediately after the dog does the right thing. If you wait too long, his short memory tunes out, and he fails to associate the desired behavior with the reward.

While Walking

  • There is no need to drag your dog on a walk. Encourage him gently with treats, and in time he will trot properly to keep up with you.


  • For a dog, a “treat” is simply a taste. Give him a thumbnail-sized piece of cheese, carrots, meat or apples; there is no need to give him more than that.