How to Make Your Own First Aid Kit

Please make and have your own first aid kit ready at all times! You never know when disaster will strike. You have the option to make a small inexpensive first aid kit to one that might rival a home vet office, your choice! Me I have two! One I keep at home and the second one is always in my car! You never know when or where you will need it so don’t get caught with out it!

The Ideal Canine First Aid Kit Should Include

  • Strong Waterproof Kit Container:

Write on the container in indelible ink, the phone numbers for your vet, the closest emergency animal hospital, and poison control hotlines. Also list your own name, address and phone numbers.

  • Any Literature or Books on Dog First Aid Tips
  • An extra supply of your dog’s medications
  • Scissors and Tweezers – Flat Slant Tip
  • Cotton Balls and Cotton Rolls
  • Gauze Pads, Squares, and Roll
  • Disinfectant like Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Rope, Nylon Stockings, or Bandana to Temporarily Tie Up a Dog
  • Strips of Cotton to Stop Bleeding
  • Antibiotic Gel and Iodine Wound Solution
  • Instant Ice Packs and a Hot/Cold Pack
  • Rectal Thermometer
  • Bottle of Water and Dog Bowl
  • Old Sheets or Big Towel
  • First Aid Tape and Cotton Swabs
  • Sterile Needle – for removing ticks or splinters
  • Small Turkey Baster or Bulb Syringe – for flushing wounds or administering medicine
  • Eyedropper, Rubber Gloves, Nail Clippers, and a Comb
  • Disposable Safety Razor – for shaving hair around a wound
  • Paper Towels, Small Hand Towels or Strips of Cloth
  • A Compact Thermal Blanket
  • Extra set of dog booties or small socks
  • Flashlight and Matches
  • Bandages, include Vet Wrap and Waterproof Types
  • Anti-bacterial Wipes or Pads
  • Activated Charcoal Tablets and Syrup of Ipecac
  • Rubbing Alcohol – Use as a drying agent, but not on wounds
  • Bag Balm – especially useful for treating paw pads
  • Petroleum Jelly
  • Saline Eye Solution and Eye Ointment or Tear Gel
  • Small Can of Dog Food
  • Dog Muzzle and Leash

If you prefer to purchase a ready-made kit, good choices include: