How to Clean a Dog’s Anal Glands. Anal glands really have no purpose in dogs. These archaic organs are located beneath the skin just inside the anal opening. The secretions that collect are very unpleasant and can cause problems and infection in the dog. Here is how to clean a dog’s anal glands.


    • Express the anal glands regularly during bath time. The anal glands or sacs are located just inside the anal sphincter muscle at the five and seven o’clock positions, just inside the anal opening. These glands are about the size of a kidney bean normally. As they impact, or become full, they enlarge to the size of grapes.

    • Wear latex gloves. Wet the glove or work in the water and insert the index finger gently just inside the dog’s anal opening. This is uncomfortable for the dog, so do this slowly and gently.

    • Use the thumb of the same hand and place it on the outside of the anal opening at approximately 7 o’clock. You should feel the anal gland between your fingers.

    • Gently pinch the anal gland between your fingers and the accumulated secretion should squirt out. You should be able to feel the anal sack shrink in size as you’re gently squeezing.

    • Move your fingers to the 5 o’clock position and gently squeeze in the same way.

    • Repeat the procedure regularly during bath time to keep your dog’s anal glands in optimal health.


      A dog’s anal glands are the two small sacks bracketing from the anus. If you notice that your dog is continually licking his rectal area or dragging this area across the ground, it may indicate that the anal glands of the dog are full or clean a dog assinfected. Make sure to consult your veterinarian about this. Usually, the way to deal with this problem is by regularly emptying out or expressing the anal glands.

      In order to do this, the dog must be standing in its bathtub with his head to the left and his behind area on the right, in the case of right-handed people that is. Next lift the dog’s tail upwards firmly with your left hand and press on both sides of the dog’s anus using your thumb and your index finger with your right hand.

      When beginning this procedure, often times you how to clean a dog ass holewill be able to notice a bulging and this indicates that the anal glands are obstructed. When the anal glands are emptied out correctly this bulging usually goes away. Next, wash out the black, brown, or gray substance that comes out with shampoo in order to get rid of the unpleasant odor.

      If you see that this procedure is complicated, if the dog seems to be in a lot of pain, or if the substance that comes out of the dog’s anal glands is green, it could mean that there is an infection in the anal glands. If this happens make sure to get a hold of your veterinarian.