Some animal experts believe that bad behavior in dogs stems from boredom. This boredom results in chewing on shoes and slippers, digging up houseplants or barking incessantly. To keep a dog entertained while indoors is not hard to do. You just need to take the time to interact with your dog and find ways for him to have fun while at home. Both adult dogs and puppies can benefit from the suggestions below.

Things You’ll Need

  • Food stuffed puzzle toy.

  • Bone or chewing toy

  • Dog toys



Use a food-stuffed puzzle toy. Pet stores sell toys that let you place food inside. The challenge for the dog is opening the toy to get to the food.Give the dog a bone or chew toys. Many dogs enjoy chewing on a bone or chew toy


Give the dog toys to play with. Pet stores and even supermarkets sell toys designed to keep dogs amused. Balls that glow in the dark and toys that squeak and make other noises when touched are just a few of the wide variety of toys a dog can enjoy. Getting a few different dog toys is probably a good idea because dogs are individuals and may prefer one toy over another.

  • Get another dog. Two dogs can play together and keep each other company. This option is not right for everyone, but a second dog will keep your dog entertained indoors.

  • Turn on the television. Put the channel on Animal Planet or other show about dogs and other animals. With a large high-definition screen the dog may think he has company.

  • Train you dog to do tricks. Teach your dog a new command to keep him from getting bored. As he learns to obey the command he is rewarded with a dog treat.

  • Play games with the dog indoors. Play fetch with small objects that you can toss around. Tug-of-war is another fun game for many dogs. Give the dog something to pull on with his teeth and you can pull back and forth.


    How to Keep Dogs Entertained When You Are Not Home

      • Choose your dog’s alone time area. Picking one location for your dog to hang out while they are home alone allows you to create a comfortable space for them. Make sure the space has natural light, is spacious enough for the dog and has a floor surface that is easily cleaned in case of accidents.

      • Create a cozy sleeping area for your dog. Place a dog bed underneath a window so that the bed will be warmed by the sunlight that pours in on it. While you are gone, your dog can sleep soundly in the sunshine. If your dog exhibits mild separation anxiety by excessive barking, yipping or thrashing when you leave, cover the bed with a shirt or blanket of yours that you have used but not laundered. The dog will find comfort in your scent.

        • Place a small dog fountain in a corner of the area. Not only will the fountain provide your pooch with continuous fresh water, the noise of the running fountain can be soothing to a dog. In addition, a fountain can also pique a dog’s interest as he can watch the water flow in the fountain. The dog’s food bowl can go next to the fountain.

        • Plug in a small television or radio and place it on a table within the dog’s area. If using television, play shows that feature dogs for your canine to enjoy. Your dog can take comfort in seeing other animals while you are away. Playing music can also help your pet relax in your absence.

        • Place a small basket filled with dog toys in the dog’s alone time area. Choosing dog toys that dispense miniature dog treats when they are played with will keep your dog happy as they can get small snacks throughout the day. Keep a wide variety of tough chew toys on hand and rotate them every two days to ensure your pet will not get bored playing with the same toys day after day