Man’s best friend–the dog–makes you very happy and you should do the same for him. To have a happy dog, you need to make sure all of his needs are met on a daily basis. This means that you have to know what his needs are and know how to meet them.


    • Give her plenty of exercise. Besides food and water, this is the most important part of her daily routine. A dog that has plenty of exercise is happy and healthy. Daily exercise will help her run off excess energy that may make her aggressive or destructive.

    • Train your dog early. A dog that is confused about who the leader of the “pack” is will try to gain that leadership. If you are firm but never cruel with your dog, he will have no reason to doubt your authority. This means giving him firm commands that match your attitude. If you tell him that something is wrong and then reward him with affection, you will only confuse him and encourage the bad behavior. Reinforce good behavior with small treats and don’t use harsh training for any reason.

    • Socialize at an early age. Bringing your dog to parks and stores with other dogs early on will help keep her on an even keel with other animals. If she doesn’t live with any animals this is especially true. Keep your dog socialized in order to dampen any anxiety that may arise otherwise. Socialize your pooch with people as well. A socially acceptable dog will be happier and less tense when company comes.

    • Keep his health your top priority. Take him to the vet annually and for any concern that crops up. You can brush his teeth daily at home as well as keep his bathing, heart worm prevention and flea and tick control in check.