Okay, so as I went for a walk today along the bay shore path I noticed that a lot of you pet owners are still not holding your dogs leashes properly and it is very, very dangerous. First you ned to decide which side to walk your dog on? Left or right makes no difference it’s a personal choice for you and where your walking. I know that all leashes come with handles but most of you are wrapping your hand and arm in the handle and wrapped with the leash, this is very wrong and unsafe and I will explain why.

If you are wearing your leash like a belt for example running or you are a wrapper and your leash is around your wrist several times you are now in one of the most dangerous positions you will ever be in! If your dog is a puller and sees something across a busy street and you don’t expect him to lunge well, quests what? You are either pulled into on coming traffic or your flat on your face especially if its winter time. Second if your dog is attacked by another dog again very dangerous for you! Not only can your dog not defend himself but now your in the middle of a dog fight and can get bitten or worse. Third if your dog runs out of control chasing a squirrel or something you will be dragged and again get very hurt.

So from now on please hold your leash like you would hold someone’s hand, light and easy but Incase of an emergency your able to drop it and break free. We do not want to see our dogs get hit by cars or attacked by other dogs but if that be the case better them then you or your children. A walk with our dogs should be fun and easy not potentially an injury, so please stop wrapping and wearing our leashes and enjoy the walks.