untitledThere are many ways to kills fleas. At-home remedies that are cheap and effective can be a lifesaver. Most of these remedies—such as ones involving Dawn dish detergent and vinegar—do not call for any pesticides or chemicals being used on your pet. This will eliminate the worry of harsh chemicals harming your pets or—even worse—your family.



Step 1:

Put a teaspoon of vinegar in your pet’s water bowl to help prevent fleas. Some pets do not like the taste, so you may need to adjust the quantity of vinegar. You can use all-purpose vinegar or apple cider vinegar. If you have adjusted the amount and the pet still will not drink, then you can buy vinegar in capsule form. Fleas will be repelled by the smell radiating from your pet’s skin. The remedy also acts as a natural deodorizer and boosts an animal’s immune system.

Step 2:

Bathe your animals using Dawn dish soap of any scent. Fill the tub with warm water and pour in ½ to 1 cup of Dawn. Soak the animal in the soap and water for at least five minutes. Use the Dawn to lather and clean your animal, starting at the ears and working your way to the tail. After your animal is dry, use an inexpensive flea comb to groom it. Drown any fleas on the comb by placing it in a bowl with soapy water available.

Add ½ to 1 cup vinegar to the bath solution. The smell will wear off after awhile, but you can add scented oil to the bathwater to cover it up. Add vinegar to the bowl of soapy water, dip a flea comb in it, and comb your pet.

Step 3:

To see how bad the flea problem is, fill a shallow bowl with soapy water and vinegar and put it next to a light. Leave it out overnight, then check to see if there are any fleas that have drowned in the water.

Step 4:

Fleas live not only on your pets, but on your furniture as well. If you have furniture that can be cleaned, use a solution of Dawn dish soap and water to wipe off the upholstery. Use Dawn to clean all of your flooring. Put a drop or two in a steam cleaner to clean your carpet. Do not add more, as it will create too many suds. This will help to rid the carpets of flea debris.

Step 5:

Fill a spray bottle with a couple of tablespoons of vinegar and water. Use this on your pet between baths. This can also be misted on furniture, pillows, curtains and bedding. Adding different oils will make it a natural deodorizer.

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