Tapeworm infections are common in cats and dogs. When they swallow an infected flea, the worm hatches and grows inside the animal. The tapeworm consists of segments that are about as big as a grain of rice. You can be on the lookout for several things that might indicate a tapeworm infection.



    • 1

      Look for segments of the tapeworm in fresh stool and around your dog’s anus. You can see them crawling. You can also look for tapeworm eggs in the same places, which are small, hard and yellow.

    • 2

      Notice if your dog is dragging his bottom across the floor; the worm irritates the skin and can prompt this behavior.

    • 3

      Take note of weight loss; this can indicate a severe tapeworm infection.

    • 4

      Examine your dog’s vomit if he happens to throw up; larger portions of the tapeworm will be visible.

Tips & Warnings

  • Take your dog to the vet if you suspect tapeworms. The doctor will give your dog a treatment called praziquantel, which causes the worm to dissolve in the intestine