I have personally have had to do this on a couple of occasions when my dogs got into something they shouldn’t have, It really does work and I have NEVER had to wait the five minutes. You can find the peroxide and syringes at the dollar store, what I do is I buy a bottle of peroxide just for the dogs on an in-case basis I write the date I bought it and if I have not needed it in one full year at the year mark I throw it away! If your peroxide is old it will not work, and now is not the time to be wondering how old your peroxide is!


If you’re a dog owner, you know by now that dogs sometimes eat things they shouldn’t. Unfortunately, many items they eat out of curiosity can hurt them and, in some cases, cause death. Use these steps to make a dog vomit using hydrogen peroxide to remove objects that can block a dog’s digestive system.

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    • Call your veterinarian immediately once you’ve determined your dog has eaten something dangerous. Call a veterinarian emergency clinic if your vet is not available. Take their professional advice first before you make a dog vomit using hydrogen peroxide.

    • Trap your dog in a secure area, such as a bathroom, patio or kitchen to avoid having to chase it and having to clean up vomit from carpet. Ask someone to help you with restraint to make a dog vomit using hydrogen peroxide since the job isn’t as easy for one person (unless your dog is small

    • Give a small dog only about a capful of hydrogen peroxide. Use the cap of a regular sized bottle of hydrogen peroxide–about a teaspoon full. Administer more–around 2 tablespoons–to a larger dog. Fill a syringe so that you can use it to inject the liquid down into your dog’s throat.

    • Wait patiently and quietly until your dog vomits. Know that it occurs soon after you give it hydrogen peroxide, but it can take up to five minutes. Look for foreign objects in the vomit and make sure your dog has expelled the dangerous items it swallowed. Repeat the procedure if nothing substantial comes up. Realize there may be nothing obvious to see if you are trying to help your dog eliminate a poison.