The Gentle Leader is a special type of dog collar with a nose strap. The nose strap allows you to guide your dog by the head instead of by the body, as with a harness or standard leash. Because your dog can’t use his body weight to pull against you, making corrections is easier. Always keep an eye on the Gentle Leader as you walk your dog to make sure it hasn’t slipped and doesn’t need adjusting.


    • Open the snap on the neck portion of the Gentle Leader. Position the neck strap of the gentle leader as high on the neck as possible. It should be touching the base of the dog’s skull, and the center ring should be under the dog’s chin, above its Adam’s apple.

    • Tighten the neck strap so that you can barely slip a finger underneath it. The neck strap should be tight enough that it can’t rotate, but not so tight that it impedes the dog’s breathing or makes it uncomfortable

    • Remove the neck strap from your dog.

    • Pull the nose loop up through the center ring. Slide the nose loop around your dog’s nose, with the center ring still under his chin near the Adam’s apple.

    • Fasten the neck strap in its pre-fitted position.

    • Slide the snap clamp on the nose loop up or down to adjust its size. It should fit behind the corners of the dog’s mouth and be loose enough that it pulls forward to the beginning of the wet part of the nose easily, but can’t be pulled or pawed off the end of the dog’s nose.

    • Clip a leash into the center control ring under the dog’s chin.