As many of you know I am an animal lover as I would like to think most people are. As humans we have to stop the abuse of ALL animals! They are not to be caged,stripped of their natural surroundings, nor should they be a meal ticket. We as humans need to stop all animal cruelty whether these animals are in our homes or in the wild, we humans are killing our oceans and natural wild life. These animals were not put here for our own personal amusement or to be profited from. This is not a typical post for me but none the less I feel this is important! It will only stop if we as humans stop! Stop all they things we do in the name of entertainment or under the pretense that we are giving these animals an alternative to death! This is death in its slowest form and if these animals could talk they would ask to be put down rather than be stripped of their natural environment and natural instincts. This is like I said not my usual post but my hope is to make you think or even mad. This will stop when we stop! Stop making it possible for places like this to continue to profit from the abuse of the animals they say they are protecting!