Benn and mylo

Benny,Mylo and my buddy brian

This is my working dog Mylo, and his buddy Benny. Benny is a fearful dog and is working on socialization, Benny is afraid of people and dogs and when approached usually whines, I as a trainer was having a bit of trouble teaching Benny that when people or dogs approach it’s not the end of the world! So because I was having trouble getting Benny to understand I did what I knew would work, which is let another dog show him the ropes. Well after a little coaxing from Mylo viola!! success! Benny and Mylo not only became friends but Mylo taught Benny how to trust and just be a balanced dog! By the end of our session not only was Benny running around but he on his own actually approached people to say hello! Cant ask for better than that! Thanks Mylo!