Okay, so I have a question designed to provoke you! I want you to get angry, in fact I wanna get you right pissed off! After I have you right good and mad I want to hear about it! I have been asked ” what would you do? ” the question was,  what would you do if you found a dog in a car with no air on and windows up on a hot day like today? Well I think most of you know what I would do, this is why I want to know what you would do? There are a lot of big talkers out there but when push comes to shove most of you go silent. I personally have seen the silence in some of you first hand, It pisses me off! I am so sick and tired of all the big talkers saying what they would or wouldn’t do in this situation, but then turn their heads hoping like hell they don’t have too because just  maybe someone else will be there who will! I call BULLSHIT! you can’t tell me in one breath how you are an animal advocate but don’t have the balls to do WHAT EVER it takes to keep them safe! I have had to personally endure the verbal bullshit about how you love these dogs so much and how you feel like they are apart of your family, but then discard them because;  the puppy cuteness wears off!, YOU  realize YOU picked the wrong breed for your family needs, you can’t afford the medical bills, Your moving and they don’t allow pets! ( total bullshit ) the law in Ontario states you cannot refuse a person from renting due to they have pets!! Or my most favorite one is; I just had a baby or am about to have a baby and can’t handle both!!!  If this is you? whom ever you are, please stop getting these puppies! I am sick and tired of cleaning up your mess! Here is a few  questions  you need to ask before you even decide to get an animal, any animal, If you can’t afford to pay your rent, have a safe yard,  wash your clothes, feed your children, provide the basic health care ( spay and neuter ) or you are on some kind of government assistance and it barely covers your needs or your child’s needs, THEN DO NOT GET THESE ANIMALS PLEASE!!  They are not disposable!!! They are loving creatures that deserve the best from us, they didn’t pick us, we chose them. they didn’t ask to be thrown away at the first sign of trouble, they wouldn’t get rid of you! In fact they would defend you NO MATTER WHAT!!


What does this have to do with the dog in the hot car? Well let me tell you,  the people who are this  feeble-minded ( not to offend the people who really are feeble-minded ) are the ones talking this good game of ” how much they love their pets ”  hoping you don’t realize the total bullshit falling out of their mouths, well I do!! I have staked a 23 year career on being able to know with 100% probability that you are lying through your teeth, and I must say with a 95% accuracy I am usually right!!  So I am posing this question to you, are you a person who does? Or are you the person who just talks the good game!

What would you do if you found an animal in a car with no air condition or open windows?? Would you be willing to go to jail or pay a fine to save a life?


Like I said earlier in this rant you all know what I would do!! My entire life is revolved around saving these dogs at ANY cost to me!! Let me hear from you!! Not on face book or personal email, I want to start a conversation here on this website for all to read!! Please I hope I made some of you mad, I hope I even pissed some of you off  and started a good healthy debate! If I did be warned now I think you will be greatly surprised at some of the answers your about to get!!!