So this is my boxer Junior, My husband went out to run a few errands and couldn’t take him with him and Junior sat at my feet for so long and whined that it made me giggle. He wanted to know why he was left behind and I tried to tell him cause dad was going places that dogs weren’t allowed! Junior was confused! not because he couldn’t go but because I told him he was a dog!! ” what do you mean I’m a dog?” So I tried to explain and he was having none of it! ” Do they not know who I am?” I replied yes! ” So why didn’t I go?” To which I replied because you’re a dog and dogs are not allowed in! ” I’m confused! I don’t understand?” So after this conversation I was laughing so hard I sent my husband a text explaining what was happening , and how Junior wasnt understanding this whole ” I’m a dog ” thing! Not five minutes later my husband came home and picked him up to go for a ride in the car! I swear if Junior could talk he said ” See! I knew you were wrong!!”