Okay so I have been writing this blog almost every day for over a year and a half and I would  like hear from all of you and to offer you the chance to write a blog that I can post. You all know where my heart, and my passion lay. If you are like me and have a big mouth, or are maybe starting up a new project and you want to share, let me hear it! It can be something simple, heartfelt, funny, you name it! I love to hear what people are doing in our community both good and bad and if you want to bring awareness or  attention to someone or something this can be your platform. As long as you don’t swear ( no “F” bombs ) and no lies!  I will post your blog, if you have pictures send those too we can post them as well!

I am very interested in hearing what’s going on in other communities, cities and countries. I don’t get to travel at all due to my work but I know this blog is read world-wide so come on, write me a blog!  Every Monday I will post the guest blogger! Can’t wait to hear from all of you!