Well March is almost over and so is the March madness sale. Don’t worry if you didn’t take advantage of the March sale we are doing another for April, any new training clients who sign up for a 4 or 6 week package deal will get 25% off the prepaid lesson plan and also will receive a free tick key to help remove the spring ticks that will be here any day now to wreak havoc on our dogs.

If you are needing boarding don’t fell left out we are also offering 25% off for you. If your booking more then 3 days with us you will get the discount to help your pocket book while trying to book your vacation and not have an extra expense to worry about, every little bit helps.

Spring is upon us soon which means the bugs will come back! So here is a contest!!!! Tell me what the 3 R’s are for in rrruffhouse and win a tick key! Best tick remover ever!  email or text me the answer so not to give the answer away! Good luck! Go to rrruffhouse.com to find the answer!

If you are an existing client and refer a friend or co worker and they sign up for one of our many training  lesson plans you too will receive a bonus! You will get to choose one of several items we have to offer from leashes, collars, mugs, tick key, walking mitts and much more. This month no one will get left out of the April spring sale!

Call, email or text now! Spots are filling fast and you don’t want to miss out on this months deals!