up for adoption 044

First I would like to announce that Jasper has been adopted to a wonderful family and now lives on a farm with lots and lots of acres to run, he will be an only dog with a lady who stays home with him. She will be able to give him everything he needs and much more! Thank you Barb for giving Jasper a second chance at a great life.









Second I would like to tell you that our babies were two weeks old on Sunday that just passed and they are all doing incredibly well and are gaining lots of weight. They are starting to stand on all four legs and just about to walk, they are learning to lick themselves and starting to play with each other. They have learned there is more to life then eating and sleeping and even practicing their howls, too cute for words! We have two white females left still looking for homes but the rest have been spoken for, if your interested in one of the two white females please let me know.