new dog bed 001

I like to share smart money saving tips when I can so here is one for anyone that has multiple dogs or big dogs which I own both. My dogs like to sleep in a pile and on top of each other so I went to a few pet stores to see about purchasing a large bed that would allow multiple dogs on one bed, not much out there, actually nothing. The largest bed I found was $96.95 on sale and it was foam with a flannel type covering, although very pretty to look at not actually functional for my needs. The covering is washable on the dog bed but if someone vomits or has an accident the liquid will seep into the foam which is not washable so if this happens now you have to trow away this $100.00 bed and purchase a new one. I thought this was ridiculously  expensive considering I have puppies who still from time to time have accident. ( as I am cleaning up a pee off the floor ) I have come up with a way that will serve my purpose without breaking the bank, I went to a local second hand baby store and for $20 bought a baby crib mattress and then for $6.00 bought the fitted sheet to go over it so it can be washed. I love this, my dogs can pile on it and each other and if there is an accident I rip off the fitted sheet, wash it and because the crib mattress is vinyl I can simply spray it with lysol and wipe it up! No more pee or vomit soaking into the foam of the dog beds! Also because it is covered with just fitted sheets you can buy many sheets in many patterns to suit your decor! Practical  or what?   now I love the fact that this is not only practical but also very hygienic as this will not smell like dirty dog after a few weeks of them laying on it, also no mites or ticks can make new homes in the foam like they can with a standard dog bed. Woot woot! Looks to me that they like it! I love it!