mia 013


Mia is a Cane Corso rescue, she was rescued by a fantastic lady with the biggest heart I have meet in awhile. Mia was in her previous home kept in a cage where they limited her from walking, so Mia was in a kennel for 12 hours a day or more, they didn’t let her eat or drink so they didn’t have to walk her. Mia was extremely neglected but some how managed to still be a fairly decent dog. Mia is now back up to weight as her new owner has done everything to feed and walk her and allow Mia as much water as she would like. For the most part Mia is fantastic, I have worked with her new owner to teach her how to walk properly sing a gentle leader and she is doing very well. Mia is house broken and for the most part listens very well. Mia is a bit pushy and rude when meeting new people and new dogs, she likes to be in control and when told not to do something likes to follow up her stubbornness with a bit of nipping, not to injure you, but to tell you “NO” Mia doesn’t always come when called and sometimes completely ignores her commands. Mia recently has started eating drywall to show her new owner just how not in control she really is. Mia has entered into boot camp today and I have no doubt she will be successful. Mia’s issues are small at this point but if not corrected properly will end up being severe down the road. Mia’s owner has made a promise to Mia to give her a great life and I am proud of her to do what it takes to ensure she keeps that promise to Mia. I love working with owners like Ali who are just not willing to give up, if your not going to give up on this dog, I wont give up on you!