This is my buddy Rufus! He came to live with me about two months ago because his owners could no longer look after him because of some issues he was having. Rufus was a very shy boy who startled easily and didn’t like very many people due to his life in the country. Rufus is now a very out going dog who loves to play at the dog park with all of his new friends, and goes up to everyone there to say hello! Rufus is still a little shy around small children, but now loves everyone and is just happy to be running like a fool! Rufus is a big softy and very gentle and so well-behaved, he will come when called and walk beside you and sits when you stop walking until you move again. Rufus has been a pure joy to rehabilitate and we have loved having him in our pack but now its time for him to find a new forever home where he can bring all his love and devotion to a new family, we will miss him greatly. If you are interested in giving Rufus a total lifetime commitment and all the love he deserves please contact me so we can find him a permanent forever home! He has a lot to offer and is just a sweetheart of a dog!!