When a dog is dropped off at the humane society it basically has 72 hours to be adopted out or euthanized.  If the dog is large, if it is a dark colour, if there is no information on the dog, then it pretty much has no hope at all.

Rrruffhouse is challenging everyone to accept the Toonie Challenge.So how does the toonie challenge work?  Well, maybe you could give up that coffee for one day, or maybe cut back a couple of cigarettes for one day.  Do you really need that pop today?  A toonie isn’t much to most people but it is literally life and death to a dog! If you want to give more, that’s fine too! But at least part with a toonie and share this message with others to spread the word.
Where will your donation go? ‘Welcome home’ kits will be made and ready for distribution to new dog owners that choose to rescue a dog as opposed to getting one from the breeders.The welcome kits will provide discounted vet services, free email and telephone assistance, training at a discounted rate as well as a collar, leash, bowls, etc. everything a dog owner needs when bringing home a new dog.These kits will be made available to all adopting owners who participate in the Rrruff Start Project and sign the Rrruff Start Pledge Form.
We are asking for everyone’s help, we realize that no one person or company is going to donate a large sum of money but think about it for a min, if 10,000 people all donated nothing more than a toonie imagine how many lives we would save! I always here people say what great work we are doing and they wish they could help, well here is your chance! It wont take much of your time, it wont cost a fortune, you don’t have to put in hours of labor, all you need to do is donate what you can afford and pass this one so others can do the same!
How do you donate you may be asking? Here is what you do! send an email transfer to grace@rrruffhouse.com with the pass word ” friday ”  THAT”S IT!   Your done! It’s that simple, so please donate today and pass this message on through email, facebook, linked in, how ever you can!