This is a thank you letter I received from Hannah, Zeus’s owner that I wanted to share with you.


This is Zeus’s Bootcamp write up;

Zeus is a playful, carefree and loving dog. While those are great traits for your family pet to have, my wife and I quickly learned to read between the lines.
Being playful, he could get over excited, not knowing when he crossed the line. His carefree attitude reflected on his ability to follow the house rules. Also, he loved attention to the point of not understanding personal space and boundaries.

We thought we were doing a good job of trying to set rules and behavioural expectations for Zeus. It wasn’t until he spent a weekend at the Rrruff House that we realized how much potential Zeus had to be the “good” dog that we wanted.

It was a no brainer to have Zeus spend ten days boot camping with Grace. Not only did she teach Zeus what acceptable behaviour and respect was, Grace gave us the tools and support to continue to provide the consistency that Zeus needs.

We would recommend Grace’s Bootcamp to anyone who is looking to better their dog’s behaviour and is willing to put in the effort that it requires when they return home.

Grace laid the foundation for us with Zeus before handing over the reigns.
As long as your willing to put in the effort, boot camp will be the best thing you can do for both you and your dog.