Located in Tweed, On

We are still patiently looking for Zuess’s forever people. He is very gentle and laid back. Would be a wonderful companion for a senior.

I am updating this post in the hopes that there are some other options available to Zuess.
Mr. Zuess is in a temporary short term foster home with beautiful yellow lab female and cat. (Haven’t seen the cat for the day but have been assured he will come around).
He gets along with little dogs of both genders and larger dogs that are female. Not male large dogs that are fixed or not.

I cannot keep him. I have not found a home for him and am at the point that I may have to release him to a rescue but am trying very hard to place him in his last and forever home.

If anyone has any ideas please let me know.

This is Mr. Zuess. He is a 10 year old this August. Fixed male. Spaniel mixed with Royal Poodle

He was my Moms Beloved companion and friend up until a year ago when my mom passed away from Cancer. He has been living with a very loving family who it breaks there heart but due to Medical issues are unable to have Mr. Z remain with them for long term.

I am searching for his Retirement Home with loving people or person to care for him and let him live out his days with.

He is good with children of older school age 10 +

Loves car rides

He is on a special diet of PC lamb and rice dog food which costs about 65.00 a month to purchase. And a small dentistix in the am and pm

NO PEOPLE food or he will get a sick stomach and make a mess on the floor not his fault of course.

He is up to date on his Rabies and other needles

He does require regular grooming appointments.

He loves walks and is very obedient when wearing his halty collar is very easily control We just avoided other big dogs on our walks and had no issues

If you or someone you know could afford to supply him with all of the above requirements, and a lot of love to give to this big loving fella please let me know