I would like to thank Jennifer Brown of the Whitby area for coming all the way to Belleville to adopt our little miss Maddie! Jennifer is very knowledgeable of dogs and their needs as she has owned dogs before and I am positive Maddie and Jennifer will be a great fit! Congratulations Maddie, you have a new mama!!

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Hi Grace,

Thank you so much for letting us adopt lil miss Maddie today. She has such a quiet calm disposition. Its hard to believe she is merely an 8 month old puppy and not a 6 year old dog with how well she behaves and listens. She was perfectly behaved in the car and drools when she sleeps hehehe. We made a few stops on our way home to Whitby, including a drop in at our local PetSmart. She got some new toys and a nice shiny new lil wire crate for bedtime. She sniffed her way around when we got home, has eaten and drank and done her “business” which are all great signs. 

We have fallen so in love with her already and she is making quite the impression on my neighbours. She loves to play fetch with her lil fuzzy bug squeeker toy. Her and my 10 year old daughter seem to have really hit it off as well. The only thing that has been off is she hasn’t really been responding to the name Maddie or Maddie Moo that you had nicknamed her. She wouldn’t even turn her head to it much for us. We had toyed around with doggy names earlier this week and had come up with Martini and Tini for short as our favourite name and she has been responding to that surprisingly well. Maybe its just the tone we use I am not sure. But it looks like she’s going to be our little Martini.

Thanks again we couldn’t have asked for a better fur baby. She is absolutely precious and such a good girl. Jennifer, Lyric & Owen 


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