I would like to welcome Bella to boot camp, Bella is a bit neurotic and has a few behaviors that are driving her family crazy. Bella has a bit of separation anxiety so she likes to follow you around the house with every step, not only is this annoying but can be dangerous as well. Bella also like to bark outside in the yard for no apparent reason and also is quite excited when people come in her door. Bella has been with us now for five days and is no longer barking in the yard outside and also does not meet our guests at the door and no longer jumps on people. We are still working on her anxiety as this behavior is a little harder to break but at this point we are doing quite well. Bella is spending a lot of time with my pack which is what she needs, she needs to learn how to be a dog and who better to show her that, then another dog or in the case 10 dogs. Bella is no longer whining when she is out of my site so we are making great strides with her anxiety and we will continue to do so over the holidays.