new camera 009


This is Benny, he is here for bootcamp for not being social and has a bit of dog aggression. Benny when out in public where dogs are around likes to either bark his fool head off or put out a panic scream which makes other dogs attack him which is the last thing he wants! Benny is in a pack of seven dogs right now and the seven are a good mix of all breeds but most importantly they are all big dogs over 100 pounds each, and Benny has learned quite quickly that the panic scream does not work around here! Benny has now learned to play with the dogs rather then cause a riot! Although Benny is still a bit leary of the dogs he is at least learning how to just be with them and be calm and quiet! Benny is doing very well and I see nothing but positive results for him in the future! Keep calm, keep Benny!!