Boss 023

We welcomed in a new puppy today, he is a 10 month old rottweiler and his name is Boss. He is a very kind sole that just wants all the lovin you have to offer, he is a sweet heart and a kind sole. He will be here for boot camp and when the time is right and the perfect family is found he will be adopted out. I have very high hopes and expectations for this boy as he is no stranger to me or my family. I have known this guy since they day he came home as a six week old puppy, he has been raised with a very good family, children and other dogs. He has been surrendered do to a life change and his previous owner with a very heavy heart had to do what is best for Boss, which is find him a home where he can thrive, run and be socialized and be in a family that has the time to spend with him and meet all his needs. No matter what happens in life as long as we do what is in the best interest of all involved, then even when its a hard choice, its the right choice and we shouldn’t feel bad or have regrets! To his previous owners, as hard as this is you know its the right thing to do and ultimately you made the right choice and I promise he has no expiry date and he will be with us for as long as it takes to find the right home where your boy will be happy and his needs will be met, for that we thank you. We will work very hard over the next few weeks fine tuning his manners and making him into the awesome dog I know he can be, welcome home Boss, and welcome to the rrruffhouse family!