My name is Craig Bailey, I was sent to Grace from Trenton Vets, who highly recommended her to us to help Cassie. I have never had a puppy before Cassie and had no idea on how to raise a good well-balanced puppy until I found Grace. Cassie was a very energetic puppy who ran wild in our home and to be honest we weren’t having much fun with her. When Grace first met Cassie she greeted Grace at the front door with a huge jump to the face, not to bite but just out of excitement! Grace took one look at us and Cassie and suggested that our little girl go with her to  ” Boot camp ” for five days, without hesitation we agreed! It was a hard and lonely five days with out our little girl but so well worth it! I don’t know how Grace does what she does? She is a miracle worker! Grace has such a calming effect over the dogs that they naturally respond to anything she asks of them, to our amazement! Cassie came home a brand new dog, who now sits at doors, does not jump on people or furniture and comes when called! We never thought this was possible in such a short time span, but some how it did! Thank you Grace! We now have a puupy we are proud of and that brings such joy to our lives and couldn’t imagine life with out her!! I cannot say enough about Grace and her talents, from the bottom of our hearts thank you!!!!