This is Dudley,

dudley 029


He is just over a year and has had a pretty shitty start in life, he was found months ago wandering the streets of the Tweed are where he was picked up and dropped in the humane society where he stayed until recently when an awesome couple came to rescue him. Tony and Demiah are his new owners, Tony works away from home for many weeks at a time leaving Demiah to deal with Dudley on her own. Dudley is an extremely strong dog and equally as stubborn. Dudley has a fantastic personality and is just happy-go-lucky, but likes to jump on people, furniture and even their cats. Dudley has some serious anxiety issues and impulse control issues. Dudley came to us today for boot-camp so we can make an already nice dog into a calm behaved dog. Here he will learn to do as he is told and also learn how to be a calm happy dog with some new friends. Dudley has been here for about an hour now he has met Reagan, seems to like her. Dudley has been fitted with a gentle leader to stop his pulling on the leash. A short hour for us so far but eventful for Dudley. He seems to be relaxed enough to almost have a nap!