dusty 007

I would like to introduce our newest boot camp kid, Dusty he is a very high energy puppy that is in desperate need of some manners. Dusty comes from a home with two working adults and two small children, Dusty is a great family dog but at this point in time he is a very playful aggressive dog. He would never hurt anyone purpose he just is a large puppy with lots of energy and doesn’t understand that  his nipping and barking is not wanted by the children, Dusty has been here just over 24 hours and already is starting to understand the word ” NO ” he is very smart and quick to learn ( somethings ) but has a long way to go at this point. I look forward to the new challenge and I have a very good helper this time around who is our newest edition to the rrruffhouse family Puppet. Puppet has not left Dusty’s side yet for more than about two minutes, she is continually correcting his biting and barking and she very much shows him the ropes and expectations here, they are becoming best friends and this will be an interesting week for sure.