Lacey 015


Let me introduce you to ten month old Lacey who is a springer spaniel, Lacey is in for her boot camp session and I think her mom and dad will really enjoy the rest! Lacey has some aggression issues in the way of controlling the environment around her, she likes to control her food, let me explain she will bite you if you touch her food, move her food, or even just walk past her while she is eating and while food is being prepared she likes to jump at her bowl while her owner is trying to put it down and does not respect boundaries of any kind. Lacey likes to rush the doorways and make a run for it, walks horribly and bites at her leash while walking, she likes to jump on people and bite their legs and feet as they move around her house! Yes I said HER house that was not a typo Lacey believes she runs the house and is her number one issue, we will be fixing that as well even though it is not on my ” to do ” list! hahahahaha.  Lacey also seems to have some issues with cleaning, she likes to bark and snarl while you mop or sweep and last but not least doesn’t like to be brushed or nails clipped!! WHEW!! Now that’s a list. So today is day ONE and she is just making some new friends and learning that life as she knew it is OVER! So as you can see I have quite a lot of work ahead of me and you know me, I love the challenge! I will keep you posted as the week progresses!!