new puppy 007



As many of you may have read the other day we had a new arrival to rrruffhouse, well her name is now officially Reagan, my husband gave her this name and it seems to suit her not that she would know as I said the other day she if deaf. She has been with us for two days and she is wonderful, bounds of energy and smart as a whip. Also as some of you may know just three weeks ago we lost our rottweiler Justice, we still miss him and every once in a while look for him, no dog will ever replace my boy. With that said I would like to announce that Reagan is now a permanent fixture in our home I didn’t think I was ready for another dog nor did I need another dog, but you know me I am a sucker for a sad story;  she has won our hearts and Puppet loves her like no other. She brings a lot of life, love, energy and many new challenges with her like I always say; you never get the dog you want, you get the dog you need. Who am I to challenge that?