This is a German Sheppard cross rotti mix and he is about 2 years old, I have been working with this dogs owners and with the people who were housing him for the past four weeks to get this dog out of the situation he was in and into a stable home. I actually managed after many hours on the phone and emails and text’s to finally make arrangement’s to go get him yesterday. During those four weeks I was searching out new adoptive parents for Mr. Shawdy and found an awesome couple whom I have worked with in the past with their two shepherds, Stephanie and Carlos was a no brainer for me to choose. They are a couple that are very strong in the animal community and also have the commitment it takes to offer Shawdy the life her deserves. I know from past personal experience with this couple that they have what it takes to take on the huge task of rehabilitating this poor guy and turn him into an awesome dog! I will be working very close with them over the next few weeks offering them any and all help they may require. I am proud of them and pleased to see that they are all ready taking this commitment serious! Congratulations guys, it’s going to be a tough road ahead but the rewards will out way the work in the long run!!

This what Stephanie had to say on Facebook this morning!

Last night we rescued a dog that does not know the comfort of having a stable life. He has been moved around all his life from owner to owner and place to place. He has some security issues for obvious reasons. Has some possession issues due to the fact that he has not control over anything and no stability. It almost seems like someone taught him to growl when you show him affection. He is approx. 2 years old but needs to be dealt with as if he was a 8 week old pup, he has 0 training. He has never been part of a pack that will show him what life can really be. This is Shawdy pronounced shotty ( his name will be changed ) we rescued him last night and have been working with him all night into early this morning. He is currently resting after yet another move and another change of sights, smells and sounds. He is now safe and happy and loved.


Again guys thank you and great job!!!!!!